Applications for ARMOLOY’s processes are extensive

Applications for ARMOLOY’s processes are extensive. There is a need for it in virtually every industry, having the same basic problem of wear from friction. All of these areas of opportunity are open to some utilization of ARMOLOY, both economically and effectively. Look for ARMOLOY to greatly reduce maintenance and costly “down-time” expenses.

Ask ARMOLOY of CT to adopt a procedure for specifying the ARMOLOY coating to establish a conformity to your engineering drawing, assuring process repeatability on repeat orders.

Future technology will require coatings to improve performance and protection against changing environments. So, if you are working on the next generation of products, or for technical assistance and evaluation of the coating process best suited for your application contact ARMOLOY of CT Engineering Sales. Please contact us for any other information as listed to the right (or below on your smartphone).

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