BIO-TDC® – Medical Biocompatible Coating

At Armoloy of CT, we offer BIO-TDC® surfacing services to improve the wear, protection, and longevity of your company’s important assets, from medical, surgical, and diagnostic equipment and instruments to pharmaceutical and food processing equipment. Armoloy of CT achieves this result by applying a thin, uniform, attractive finish. BIO-TDC® meets the biocompatibility requirements specified by ISO 10993 and USP 24, 2000. Call Armoloy of CT today. We are happy to discuss how our services can benefit your company and resolve its toughest engineering challenges.

  • Meets USP class VI requirements
  • Uniform deposits from .000050 to .0006 inches
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Stands up to repeated autoclaves
  • Adhesion to most base metals
  • Improve wear, reduce friction & galling of moving parts
  • Heat resistance of -400°F to 1400°F
  • Improves cutting performance
  • Non-Reflective Finish

Will adhere well and perform well on all major Ferrous metals and most Non-Ferrous metals.

Aluminum, Magnesium, and Titanium are not suitable substrates for our coatings.

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