XADC – Is required if optimum performance is a must.

XADC… Our advanced coating using the basic principles and chemical aspects of the ARMOLOY process. A “Spherical Diamond” particulate was added to produce an extremely high dense and evenly dispersed composite surface coating.

XADC provides a nodular texture which creates a ball-bearing like surface. This point-to-point surface contact lends itself to a reduction of friction, increased lubricant retention and lower operating temperatures.

Will adhere well and perform well on all major Ferrous metals and most Non-Ferrous metals.

Aluminum, Magnesium, and Titanium are not suitable substrates for our coatings.

XADC coated parts operate faster, smoother, and at cooler temperatures than uncoated parts. Give it a try today.

The resulting product – Armoloy XADC Comparative Hardness
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