NTDC – Nodular Thin Dense Chrome

Armoloy’s NTDC (a.k.a TDC) is a hard surfacing technique applied by a rigidly controlled proprietary process. The chromium coating provides a protective finish that is extremely hard, highly dense, and precisely applied with the accuracy and uniformity to eliminate secondary operations.

ntdc scan
Oblique Sectional Photo of
ARMOLOY on Base Metal

More Specifically, the Armoloy Nodular Thin Dense Chromium deposits a 70-72 Rc [1020-1100 vickers] hard surface with excellent corrosion resistance plus an absolute cohesive bond to the base material. Current studies have shown the Rockwell hardness value to be closer to 78Rc.

Armoloy’s NTDC has a unique Micro-Nodular characteristic that reduces surface contact area and aids in Lubricant retention. These features when coupled with the inherent lubricity of chromium results in lower coefficient of static and sliding friction. Normal deposit thickness range from .000050″ to .0003″ [1.3-7.7 Microns].

Will adhere well and perform well on all major Ferrous metals and most Non-Ferrous metals.

Aluminum, Magnesium, and Titanium are not suitable substrates for our coatings.

The distinct properties and characteristics of added density, hardness, adhesion and micro-nodularity are what separates Armoloy from other hard chromium processors.

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